Casey’s is designed to work in tandem with parent support. Casey’s Club™ Member Workbook is written introducing both small and big concepts. It supposes that parents will read and review the information with their child and participate in the activities, which their child’s social development.

Here’s what we ask of you:

Parent Commitment

We see incredible changes in our Casey’s Club™ participants during the year. We have observed that the children who get the most out of Casey’s Club™ have parents who are actively involved in the program. Although the following requests are optional, we strong encourage your participation.

Read the weekly chapters of Casey’s Adventures™ together found in your child’s workbook with your child. We read them during group but if your child needs extra help processing the stories, it might reinforce the lessons if you read them beforehand.

  • Help your child read and complete the weekly activities in his/her workbook.
  • Participate in your child’s home activities since many of them request your involvement.
  • Set up social activities for your child. Get to know the other parents in the group.
  • Follow along on the Parent Blog with your child’s weekly lessons.
  • Complete the parent support activity found on the blog.
  • Attend the 3 Casey’s parent meetings.
  • Stay in touch. Let us know when you have concerns.

Our goal is to introduce, teach, and practice social skills during group. For those social skills to stick, they must be reinforced outside of group.


We encourage parents to get their children to attend every Casey’s Club™ meeting and be there on time. We encourage parents to commit to the whole year program. Casey’s Club™ uses the social connection of the group to teach complex social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills. When they do not attend consistently, they miss out on the benefits of the connection. When they are late, they miss out on important elements in the schedule and disrupt the group. We understand occasional absences and tardiness. Please call if your child will be absent so we can prepare the other children in the group. They look forward to seeing their friends.

 Drop off and Pick up

You may leave your child at Casey’s Club™ for the 75-minute session. You must be on time for pick up. We understand that emergencies and unplanned events might on occasion keep you. Please call if there is any issue with pick up. If you consistently run late, we will request that you stay on the premises while your child is in group.


Payments details are agreed upon with individual clubs. Please understand that when you sign your child up for Casey’s Club™, you agree to the number of session from your child’s start date to the end of the session year, or termination of services, regardless of attendance. Casey’s Club™ is a limited membership group and your child’s spot is reserved just for them. We encourage you to have your child attend all sessions. There are exceptions to this agreement. Feel free to consult with clubs facilitator if you have questions or clarifications.


We request completed social skills assessments from parents at the beginning of the year and welcome teacher assessments at any point during the year. Although this is optional, we use these assessments to set individualized goals and evaluate progress throughout the year. We provide parents with completed assessments in the middle and at the end of the year.