Casey’s Club™ is designed to be a fun, interesting, and supportive place for kids to meet new friends and learn essential social and life skills. We follow a 30-week curriculum designed by Casey’s Clubhouse™ that helps them:

  • Learn self-regulation so that they can better communicate, approach, cooperate, and engage with others.
  • Increase self-awareness so that they can be more responsible, communicate better, assert themselves, and increase self and other empathy.
  • Discover personal determination so that they can set their sights on successful interactions, relational competency, and assertion of self.
  • Effectively problem-solving so that they can increase their cooperation, communication, responsibility, and reliability with/to others.
  • Develop self-confidence with the experience of positive communication and problem-solving, engagement with others, self-assertion, cooperation, engagement, and self-control.
  • Experience mastery of skills which reinforces the whole experience.

Casey’s Clubs™ are run by at least one licensed therapist as well as a second qualified professional such as a behavior specialist, a certified teacher, or a mental health associate. Casey’s Clubs™ are therapeutic groups because the curriculum focuses on important social, emotional, cognitive-behavioral skills that have a distinct end goal: a socially and emotionally well-rounded child. Whether your child joins Casey’s for the therapeutic benefits or enrichment benefits or both, we approach each child with the same level of individualized goals and care.