How long is Casey’s Clubhouse?

Casey’s Clubhouse is a full school-year commitment from September to early June. It is well organized by skills, it is fun and active, and it includes workbooks for both parents and their child. Casey’s Camp is a week long mini-experience offered in the summer and designed to introduce kids to social skills and group connection.

What’s the daily Agenda?

  • Greeting and Gong in
  • Check in
  • Casey’s Adventures
  • Casey’s Lesson
  • Casey’s Activity
  • 3 G’s: Gab, Grub, Games
  • Count tokens and bead
  • Gong out!

What is ‘In The Middle’?

‘In The Middle’ is our group for 6th-8th graders. We have integrated a more mature curriculum focused on the problems of tweens but using the framework of Casey’s Club skills.