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What is Casey's Club™?

Casey's Clubs™ are social groups designed to facilitate the development of social, emotional, and life skills for children. Casey's Clubs™ reinforce and enhance children's skill-sets while also introducing new skills. They provide an opportunity for children to have connections outside of their day-to-day lives, make new friends, and take the time to learn about themselves. From basic to advanced skills, the curriculum adapts to the group.

Casey's Club™ understands that making and keeping friends can be challenging for many kids. For that matter, friendships can be difficult. Whether social issues arise from common friendship issues or skills deficits, many kids need a place to relate, reboot, and regroup. Casey’s Club™ can be that place.

Casey’s kids relate

because they have all experienced social challenges, emotional distress, negative thinking, adverse behaviors, and uncertainty.  Their shared experiences connect them.

Casey’s kids reboot

because they learn new skills that include self-regulation, awareness, determination, problem-solving, confidence, and mastery. These skills allow kids to reboot and find greater success in friendships and in life.

Casey’s kids regroup

once a week, which builds connections, continuity, and follow-up. Weekly sessions and home activities keep the kids engaged. The group supports the kids as they find the courage to try new skills, take another approach, and create better outcomes.

Two Groups of Casey's Clubs™

Primary Group: Includes grades 1st thru 3rd. Although they use the same Casey's Club™ Workbook as the older kid, lessons and home activities  are tailored to their age group. They will need more parent involvement in the reading and home activities than the older groups.

Intermediate Group: Includes 4th and 5th grade, and when appropriate 6th grade. This group also use the Casey's Club™ Workbook but have more challenging lessons and home activities. They too will need parent support to discuss and do some home activities.


Casey’s Club™ is designed to be a fun, interesting, and supportive place for kids to meet new friends and learn essential social and life skills. We follow a 30-week curriculum designed by Casey’s Clubhouse™ that helps them:

  • Learn self-regulation so that they can better communicate, approach, cooperate, and engage with others.
  • Increase self-awareness so that they can be more responsible, communicate better, assert themselves, and increase self and other empathy.
  • Discover personal determination so that they can set their sights on successful interactions, relational competency, and assertion of self.
  • Effectively problem-solving so that they can increase their cooperation, communication, responsibility, and reliability with/to others.
  • Develop self-confidence with the experience of positive communication and problem-solving, engagement with others, self-assertion, cooperation, engagement, and self-control.
  • Experience mastery of skills which reinforces the whole experience.

Casey’s Clubs™ are run by at least one licensed therapist as well as a second qualified professional such as a behavior specialist, a certified teacher, or a mental health associate. Casey’s Clubs™ are therapeutic groups because the curriculum focuses on important social, emotional, cognitive-behavioral skills that have a distinct end goal: a socially and emotionally well-rounded child. Whether your child joins Casey’s for the therapeutic benefits or enrichment benefits or both, we approach each child with the same level of individualized goals and care.


What comes with the membership?

  • Two mental health professionals per group.
  • Individual or group introductory interview.
  • 75-minute sessions from fall to early summer.
  • Evidence-based curriculum.
  • Workbook for members including 30 stories, lessons, and home activities.
  • Weekly beads for friendly behavior and group participation.
  • Six session end celebrations with prizes.
  • Three parent education sessions fall, winter, spring.
  • Access to parent education blog with 30 lessons and home activities.
  • Three evaluations in fall, winter, spring.
  • Email, face to face, and phone contact as needed.
  • Consultation at professional rate as requested.
  • Collaborative contact with other professionals.

Two Certified Facilitators

Each and every Casey’s Club™ has two certified, professional facilitators. Because we are both a therapeutic and enrichment program, at least one facilitator is a licensed (or supervised by a licensed) therapist.

Cap on Membership

Each and every Casey’s Club™ has a membership limit based on the focus of the group Some therapeutic groups may limit the group to 8 and other enrichment groups may limit the group to 12. Most groups, however, are mixed and the therapist optimizes the ratio of facilitator to member ratio to best serve the children.

Membership Spot Held

When you sign your child up for Casey’s Club™, you reserve their spot. That spot cannot be filled by any other child until or unless you and the therapist agree to cancel membership.

Casey’s Clubhouse™ Curriculum

Casey’s Clubhouse™ curriculum is only accessible through certified facilitators. It is specially designed to teach social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills to your child. We teach these essential life skills using evidence-based techniques. We pair each lesson with Casey’s Adventures™, written stories included in your child’s workbook, as well as an audio-visual format of the stories presented during each weekly session. You can learn more about the curriculum on the parent blog.

Casey’s Club Workbook

When your child begins Casey’s Club™, they receive their personal workbook. That workbook includes 30 Casey’s Adventures™, 30 Lessons, and 30 Home Activities. You child will bring that workbook back and forth to each session.

Beads and Prizes

Every week when your child participates, follows the rules, and shows the identified social/emotional skills toward their goals, they receive a special bead that is added to their necklace. At the end of the year, they get to take their necklace home. Additionally, at the end of each section, members who have completed all of their home activities for that period earn a prize.

Snack Provided

In our weekly schedule, we have a snack time. We call it the 3 G’s: Gab, Grub, and Games. We provide a relatively healthy snack including things like multigrain chips, popcorn, or fruit. At the end of each section (5 lessons), we provide a sweet snack during what we call a celebration.

Parent Blog

Currently, Casey’s parent support material is found at There you will find a chapter/lesson and a home activity so that you can follow along and learn with your child.

Casey’s Parent Group

Facilitators will schedule 3 parenting group sessions. During the first session, facilitators will give parents the opportunity to meet other parents, review the program in more detail, ask questions, and get to know the facilitators. During, the second session, facilitators will hand out the social skills assessments, review the social skills assessments, and answer questions about the program thus far. During the third session, facilitators will discuss the ways in which parents can reinforce their child’s social and emotional progress, the final social skills assessments, and the details and expectations of the final section of the program You Teach ME.

Child Assessment

Casey’s members are evaluated in the middle and at the end of the program. These assessments are confidential, however, if you want to share these assessments with other professionals or the child’s school, you are free to do so. If you want your facilitator to send or connect with those professionals, please see the Authorization to Release form.

Collaboration with other Professionals

Whether a Casey’s member has joined for therapeutic or enrichment purposes, facilitators are available to collaborate and coordinate with other professionals. In order to do so, please see the Authorization to Release form.

Parent Consultation

As therapist working with Casey’s members, we expect that we will have verbal or written contact to collaborate and coordinate with parents. For more specific issues, membership includes one 50-minute consultation session with one of your facilitators. Parents can access more services, either consultation or counseling, at the facilitators professional rate. Facilitators who do not have a counseling practice can offer parents a referral for those services.

Casey’s Kids

Who is a typical Casey’s kid?

We serve kids 1st-8th grade who have had social or emotional challenges due to negative environments or situations, psychological difficulties, physiological differences. These challenges have led to social skills deficits, exclusion, disconnection, and social delays. Some children recognize their need for a friendship group and others do not. Note that children who are severely deregulated tend to need smaller groups and more individual focus than we provide.

What is your child is expected to:

  • Bring their workbook to group every week.
  • Optionally read Casey’s Adventures on their own.
  • Do their home activity each week.
  • Share the stories, lessons, and home activities with their parents.
  • Participate in club activities.


Casey’s is designed to work in tandem with parent support. Casey’s Club™ Member Workbook is written introducing both small and big concepts. It supposes that parents will read and review the information with their child and participate in the activities, which their child’s social development.

Here’s what we ask of you:

Parent Commitment

We see incredible changes in our Casey’s Club™ participants during the year. We have observed that the children who get the most out of Casey’s Club™ have parents who are actively involved in the program. Although the following requests are optional, we strong encourage your participation.

Read the weekly chapters of Casey’s Adventures™ together found in your child’s workbook with your child. We read them during group but if your child needs extra help processing the stories, it might reinforce the lessons if you read them beforehand.

  • Help your child read and complete the weekly activities in his/her workbook.
  • Participate in your child’s home activities since many of them request your involvement.
  • Set up social activities for your child. Get to know the other parents in the group.
  • Follow along on the Parent Blog with your child’s weekly lessons.
  • Complete the parent support activity found on the blog.
  • Attend the 3 Casey’s parent meetings.
  • Stay in touch. Let us know when you have concerns.

Our goal is to introduce, teach, and practice social skills during group. For those social skills to stick, they must be reinforced outside of group.


We encourage parents to get their children to attend every Casey’s Club™ meeting and be there on time. We encourage parents to commit to the whole year program. Casey’s Club™ uses the social connection of the group to teach complex social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral skills. When they do not attend consistently, they miss out on the benefits of the connection. When they are late, they miss out on important elements in the schedule and disrupt the group. We understand occasional absences and tardiness. Please call if your child will be absent so we can prepare the other children in the group. They look forward to seeing their friends.

 Drop off and Pick up

You may leave your child at Casey’s Club™ for the 75-minute session. You must be on time for pick up. We understand that emergencies and unplanned events might on occasion keep you. Please call if there is any issue with pick up. If you consistently run late, we will request that you stay on the premises while your child is in group.


Payments details are agreed upon with individual clubs. Please understand that when you sign your child up for Casey’s Club™, you agree to the number of session from your child’s start date to the end of the session year, or termination of services, regardless of attendance. Casey’s Club™ is a limited membership group and your child’s spot is reserved just for them. We encourage you to have your child attend all sessions. There are exceptions to this agreement. Feel free to consult with clubs facilitator if you have questions or clarifications.


We request completed social skills assessments from parents at the beginning of the year and welcome teacher assessments at any point during the year. Although this is optional, we use these assessments to set individualized goals and evaluate progress throughout the year. We provide parents with completed assessments in the middle and at the end of the year.