Summer Camps

The Perfect Ten: Making Friends Can Be As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Camp Overview for Parents and Professionals

Each day your child will be asked to participate in activities including brainstorming, role playing, dancing, playing games, conversing, doing art, problem solving, and more. There are two skills per day. As your child participates in the activities, they will earn a bead that represents completion. At the end of the week your child should have 10 beads and will earn a certificate of completion.

Between the first and second skill, the kids will have a break we call the 3 G’s: Gab, Grub, Games. We provide the snack. Parents can contribute to the Casey’s Camp by reviewing the skills we learn each day. We encourage you to play games with your child and ask them to teach you what they learned in Casey’s Camp. Finally, give your child positive feedback on the skills they demonstrate as you observe the behaviors.

Daily Schedule:

Day 1 (Monday)

Skill 1 – Qualities of Friendship: Kids will work together and discover what makes a good friend. They will assess their own qualities and identify skills they need to work on.

Skill 2 – Motivation: Kids will determine their own motivation to make friends. What are the pros and cons of friendship? They will brainstorm lists and discover their individual challenges in making new friends and/or keeping friends and become better friends in the process.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Skill 3 – Breaking the Ice: Kids will practice greeting, striking up conversation, and inviting themselves into a game.

Skill 4 – Welcoming Friendship: Kids will learn how to encourage friendship through role-playing and interaction. They will learn the art of back and forth conversation.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Skill 5 – Emotional Self-Regulation: Kids will learn how to recognize their feelings when they play and interact with other children. They will learn the skill of positive self-talk and behavioral calming techniques that will aid in friendships.

Skill 6 – Responding to Friends: Kids will learn how to read and respond to their friends’ feelings, words, and behaviors by using empathy and compassion. Kids will role-play expressing and responding to emotions.

Day 4 (Thursday)

Skill 7 – Playing Fair: Kids will brainstorms different ideas on playing fairly with others. Then they will practice those skills through playing board games and interacting while group leaders assist in redirecting unfair behavior and reinforcing fair behavior.

Skill 8 – Sharing, Flexibility, “It’s Monkey!”: Kids will learn when to be flexible and when to have boundaries. They will learn how to use our saying, “Its Monkey”, when problems are small through role-playing and board games.

Day 5 (Friday)

Skill 9 – Conflict Resolution, Bullying, and Mean Behavior: Kids will learn how to resolve problems using our 4-square problems program. They will practice how to create win-win solutions with friends as well as how to build resiliency and self-confidence.

Skill 10 – Self-Esteem: Kids will identify what makes them special, how to value themselves as individuals and as good friends to others. They will assess their progress throughout the week and get a Perfect 10 certificate upon completion of the camp.

Camp Dates/Times

Check with your local Casey’s Clubs for times and dates. Look under locations for the club/camp nearest you!



Look under locations for the club/camp nearest you!

Snack and Materials

Snacks and materials are provided.


Look under locations for the club/camp nearest you!


Look under locations for the club/camp nearest you!