Silverdale Casey’s Club™


Marcee Ben-Menachem, Sara P. Martin, and Carmen Ekern-Jones offer Silverdale their first ever Casey's Club™. They run one group this year: a primary club for 1st-3rd graders. Additionally, the Silverdale Casey's Club™ offers a parenting group, which meets at the same time as the primary club (see below).  Please come join them for a fun filled, skills building year!


Contact Marcee Ben-Menachem for more information.


Contact Marcee Ben-Menachem for more information.



Contact Marcee Ben-Menachem for more information.


Casey's Clubs™ always have 2 facilitators and up to 10 club members for the cohesiveness of the group and maximum friendship building. One facilitator is a licensed mental health professional (or supervised by one) and the other is a certified or associate professional. Silverdale has three amazing facilitators. Take a look below!

Facilitator 1: 

Marcee Ben-Menachem, M.Ed, NBCT, LMHCA: I have been developing and facilitating social skills groups since 1999. I had my own private practice in Bellevue (PALSS – Peers Actively Learning Social Skills). I have also facilitated Aspiring Youth groups through the Ryther Child Center and served as the Program Director for Choices social skills program for at-risk youth at the Learning Disabilities Association. In my 11 years as a school counselor, I developed and facilitated a variety of groups to support children in areas such as social skills, relational aggression, and grief support.

Facilitator 2: 

Sara P. Martin, LMHCA: I have incorporated group support and involvement in the therapeutic process throughout all my work with children and families. I believe the value in group participation is unparalleled in fostering the adoption of skills in a holistic capacity, and have found facilitating groups to be the most effective means of change and progress toward overall growth and development.

Parent Facilitator:

Carmen Ekern-Jones, LMHC, CMHS: Throughout my years in mental health practice, I have implemented multiple psychoeducational groups, including the Nurturing Program and Strengthening Families, and have provided consultation to preschools and Head Start programs relative to social, emotional, behavioral and academic growth, and trauma-informed environments, since 2012.

Special Announcement:

The Silverdale group is piloting a special parent component. While your child is attending their group session you will meet with a parent facilitator to explore strategies for supporting your child in practicing and developing the skills at home. This group is also an opportunity to connect with other parents and explore ways to deepen your parenting skills to support your unique child.