Gig Harbor Casey’s Club™


Deb Wilson and Ann Aubuchon offer Gig Harbor their very first Casey's Club™. This year, they run two groups: a primary club for 1st-3rd graders and an intermediate club for 4th-5th graders. Please join them for a fun-filled, skills-building year!


Check with Deb Wilson for more information.


Check with Deb Wilson for more information.


Debra Wilson
(425) 457-0057


Check with Deb Wilson for more information.


Casey's Clubs™ always have 2 facilitators and up to 10 club members for the cohesiveness of the group and maximum friendship building. One facilitator is a licensed mental health professional (or supervised by one) and the other is a certified or associate professional. Gig Harbor has two amazing facilitators. Take a look below!

Facilitator 1:

Deb Wilson holds a Masters Degree in education with an emphasis on counseling.  I also am a certified Career Counselor and have an administrative certification. I have 20 years experience counseling both elementary and secondary age children. In that capacity I have taught classroom lessons, facilitated groups, and worked with staff and parents.   I have assisted students with secondary planning and have toured over 150 colleges and universities.  I have been an Associate Principal in a K - 8 school.

I have taught workshops at national conferences on the topics of sibling bullying and motivational interviewing. I have done extensive research on both topics. In addition to my career, I am married and the parent of two children, and grandparent to three children who refer to me as, "Witty".  I love to garden, work on house renovations and travel to new places.

Facilitator 2:

Ann Aubuchon has a B.A. in Special Education, and an M.S. in Human Development and Family Studies. She has 9 semester credits in School Counseling and Guidance as well as a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Development.  She started her career teaching learning and behavior challenged students in the public schools (over 15 years) and then became a trainer. She has taught behavior, anger and stress management strategies to child care providers, educators and parents. She has taught these courses and other education classes as an Adjunct Professor at a number of colleges. She has created and produced a series of meditations for children.

Ann is a certified ACEs trainer (trained by Laura Porter) and a trainer for the OSPI Compassionate School Model (The Heart of Learning and Teaching). As the program manager for the Thurston County Public Health and Safety Network (2011-2014), Ann has trained parents, social service providers, educators, and criminal justice staff on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Secondary Trauma, Resilience Strategies, Trauma Informed Care, and Mindfulness. She has a contract with Washington State to train Foster Parents in ACES and Resilience. She now contracts out her services to schools, agencies and organizations under the trade name: A Calmer Way.  Check out her website at